Assessments and Treatment


Occupational Therapy

Assessment is based on individual needs and involves standardized and non-standardized testing. Observations/assessment may include gross and fine motor development, written communication, self-care, sensory processing, regulation, basic cognition, social, play, behavior and communication.

Team Assessments

Assessments of complex developmental needs including delays or challenges in cognitive, social, communication, motor, and sensory skills are available via specialized teams. Please contact us to determine individual needs.



Occupational Therapy

We utilize a variety of tools, theories, and frames of references best matched to the needs of the individual client.

Individual Treatment

Direct one on one treatment

Group Treatment

Children are matched with peers when appropriate to develop social skills, or to improve participation and performance.

Treatment Intensive

Service is based on the needs and may be available combined with other disciplines such as speech and language pathology. Intervention make take place daily or over several sessions per week for a specified time period.


  • SENSEational kids: combined kidsWRITE and kidsSENSE program
  • kidsHANDS: preschool and school age
  • kidsSENSE: tools for parents
  • kidsRIDE: bicycling 101