September 17, 2020

Great video about the importance of tummy time from Körplay! 

Loving this tummy time tutorial!

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September 11, 2020

Happy Friday! 

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September 5, 2020

Autumn Fine Motor  Craft Ideas 🍂


September 2, 2020

Make your own worms – fine motor activity! 🐛 

Make the paper worms grow!

🌈 🐛 COLORFUL WIGGLY WORMS // Here’s a fun way to explore colors! 😍 If you roll up and scrunch a half of a sheet of paper towel, it turns into the cutest worm ready to grow! 🤩 Hide some color 🌈 inside and add some water, 💦 and it makes for such an exciting reveal — just like magic! ✨ Read on below for the step by step instructions!-Get the big white tray here (aff) >> YOU’LL NEED• 3 Paper towel sheets�• Pen or Chopstick• Washable Markers• Permanent Marker• Dropper• Water-HOW TO(1) Cut a paper towel sheet in half;(2) Color one side lightly with washable markers(3) Roll the paper around a pen or chopstick;(4) Scrunch each side together and then remove from the pen;(5) Add eyes and a mouth with a permanent marker if you wish!(6) Provide a dish of water and dropper for making the worm grow and become colorful!

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August 26, 2020

Get ready for writing activities with finger aerobics! ✏️ 

Warm up those hands before handwriting practice!

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August 20, 2020

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August 13, 2020

Great ideas for Socially Distanced Greetings! 👋

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August 9, 2020

“How Daniel Tiger Helps Teach Social Skills to Preschoolers”

Daniel Tiger teaches social skills!

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August 7, 2020

Mindfulness videos for kids from the The OT Toolbox! 🌻

Mindfulness for Kids YouTube Videos





July 29, 2020

Delicious sensory motor activity for learning letters!

Letter writing with sprinkles 🖌age 3-5 🖌 Here's a fun way to practice writing letters! All you need are sprinkles and a...

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July 22, 2020 

Fun activity for learning about and discussing emotions!

🌋 TUBES OF EMOTION 😃Here’s an emotional twist on the classic baking soda and vinegar experiment 😉. It really never gets old 🤩. My girls and I have been discussing emotions a lot lately (lots of drama 😅). One of the things we spoke about was how some colors can represent emotions 🌈. Yellow 🌞 is typically a happy color and red can represent anger 😡. I made this fun visual for them to associate colors with different emotions. I also explained that just because a color usually represents a certain emotion, it isn’t always the case. Blue, for example, can be sadness (like tears 😭) but it can also be calming (like the ocean 🌊). You can give your little ones droppers to practice fine motor skills too 👌.💡Vinegar tip: Add a bit of water to it to make it last longer. I do 2/3 cup vinegar and 1/3 cup water.•👉🏼YOU’LL NEED:-Paper rolls (I used towel paper rolls and cut them in thirds)-Black marker-2 tbsp baking soda per roll-Food coloring-Vinegar 👉🏼INSTRUCTIONS:1️⃣Draw faces on the front of the paper rolls2️⃣Stand them up on a tray3️⃣Carefully add 2 tbsp fo baking soda to each roll4️⃣Add a drop of food coloring right on top of the baking soda (no need to mix)5️⃣Pour vinegar inside the paper roll and watch it erupt. #mothercould ...#preschoolathome #learningthroughplay #earlylearning #invitationtoplay #toddleractivities #kidsactivities #playmatters #totschool #sahm #ece #montessori #iteachtoo #prek #teachersofinstagram#montessori #diy #busytoddler #reggiokids #toddlerlife #sahmlife #toddlerfun #homeschool #everydayplayhacks #playathome #montessoriathome #toddler #sensoryplay #childhoodunplugged

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July 15, 2020 Benefits of Swinging!

Swings are essential ❤️

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July 9,2020


July 6, 2020 

CNN & Sesame Street: “Coming Together: Standing Up to Racism — A Town Hall for Kids & Families”

July 3, 2020 Fine Motor Outdoors!

Clever outdoor fine motor activity from @atelierdayhome. 🌷

Adding simple materials for nature walk

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CNN & Sesame Street: “Coming Together: Standing Up to Racism — A Town Hall for Kids & Families”

July 1, 2020 Happy Canada Day!

June 25, 2020 kidsTherapy Network Garden!

Cheerful strawberries in the kidsTherapy Network garden! Looking forward to when we can start up our Little Sproutlings gardening program again.


June, 24 2020, Tips to Help Children Wear Masks for COVID-19 Protection

How to encourage your child to wear a mask for COVID-19 protection


June 20,2020

Books to Help Tackle Racism – From The Canadian Children’s Book Centre.


June 19,2020 

Sesame Street Is Teaching Kids ‘Belly Breathing’ and Calming Techniques ❤️

Sesame Street Is Teaching Kids ‘Belly Breathing’ and Calming Techniques


June 17, 2020,  21 Anti-Racism Videos to Share with Kids from We Are Teachers.

These videos help explain complex topics to young audiences.



May 20,2020 Telehealth Truths #6 and #7

Missing everyone! Stay safe.


Who hasn’t put their face or eyeball up to the webcam yet?!


May 16, 2020 Telehealth Truth #5

Understanding the reason your client is so engaged in the session…


May 12, 2020 Telehealth Truth #4

Flashback to 1970s TV days. Oddly comforting…

May 7, 2020 Telehealth Truth #3

Realizing your 7 year old client is better dressed than you are…






May 1, 2020 Detective Bumbledore and the Red Ribbon

Support our front-line workers and show them your appreciation by taping a red ribbon on a tree or other creative place!


April 28, 2020 Telehealth Truth #2

Continuing our telehealth journey we discovered another disturbing truth. 


April 27, 2020 Telehealth Truth #1

In our journey with Telehealth, we have made some discoveries. We give you Telehealth Truth #1. Until we can get haircuts again, we have found new hairdos to make do. Enjoy this fabulous example and stay tuned for more truths!


April 21, 2020  Detective Bumbledore Learns Some New Breathing Techniques for Relaxation.

Special guest Hermione Whole-Grain-ger teaches Detective Bumbledore some calming and fun breathing activities. Hermione got a little too “toasty” at the end of the video but she says, “not to worry” because she did some deep breathing, which helped her “cool down”!


April 16, 2020 Sensory Exploration: Our Sense of Taste

Special Guest Bread Weasley and Detective Bumbledore explore ways to change bodySPEEDs(c) using our sense of taste.

Here is a tasty activity that can be tried at home:


April 14, 2020 Mindful Breathing and Craft Activity

Guest star Hermione Wholegrainger helps Detective Bumbledore learn a new breathing technique while creating a springtime bunny craft.

Thanks to One Little Project at a Time for the project idea and instructions!

For more information and research on breathing and mindfulness, check out the Mindfulness in Schools Project


April 9, 2020 Gratitude Garden

Detective Bumbledore chats with Carrie Snotter about a calming and  creativite painting activity to thank our front line healthcare workers! If you decide to make this project, we’d love for you to email us some pictures of your artwork to so we can post them to our website! Stay safe and healthy everyone!

Here are some pictures from the Gratitude Garden at Guelph General Hospital: 

To learn more about the Gratitude Garden, visit CBC.


April 6, 2020

Elizabeth shares some exciting KTN updates about our upcoming video mini series! We’ll give you a clue, it rhymes with Dumbledore! 


March 19, 2020

Thank you to our associate, Nicole Raftis, OT Reg.(Ont.), for putting together this resource review for coping with the uncertainty and anxiety of these unprecedented times:  

A message from your friendly neighborhood OT .


February 10,2020

Have you seen our very own Elizabeth Bell featured in the documentary film Beyond the Spectrum?!


February 2, 2020

From the Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists

“I have started to witness every day how small changes – a smile, a listening ear, a change to the environment – can have a huge impact on a patient. I see my job a bit like completing a jigsaw, putting the story of an individual’s life together piece by piece.” –

Can you relate? OT Reg.(Ont.)