Winter Programs 2020

We are happy to announce the following programs starting in January 2020!

This group implements Handwriting Without Tears techniques and sensory strategies for kids of all abilities to practice and enhance print writing. Each weekly club meeting begins with fine motor and/or gross motor activities and games. We will play with letters using a multisensory approach, including singing and dancing! Then, we will put together all we’ve learned on paper! Recommendations for home practice will also be planned with families.

Did you know that writing in cursive can assist with the brain’s development of learning and memory? When we have our writing skills mastered, we can attend to learning new information with more success! This group is great for kids both beginning to learn and needing a refresher in cursive writing. Handwriting Without Tears techniques and a multisensory approach will be enlisted to practice connecting those loops and curls for creating a signature and legible writing! Recommendations for home practice will also be planned with families.

This weekly group provides great benefits for those kids working on the gross motor skills that are the building blocks for fine motor development. This group is also dedicated to providing techniques to self-soothe when feeling dysregulated and to cope with our emotions. Further benefits of yoga include improved concentration and body awareness. Kids will follow along with gentle movements and get an opportunity to use massage therapy balls.

For more information, or to register e-mail or call 519-821-5261

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